by William G. Crook, M.D.

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Q: How can I find a health professional interested in yeast problems to help me?

A: The job isn't an easy one. There are a number of reasons. Here are a few of them:

Presently available tests do not enable the health professional to make a definite diagnosis of a yeast-related problem. And health insurance companies often reject claims which contain a diagnosis of "candidiasis." In addition, the busy health professional may not work with a colleague or an assistant who explains diets and treatment measures required by the patient with a yeast-related problem.

Because of this situation, in 1999 the International Health Foundation published two booklets for adults and one for children. The 36-page booklet for adults (Information for You) includes a U.S. directory of health professionals. In this booklet I suggest that you see if you can your own personal health professional to help you.

A second 24-page booklet (A Special Message to the Health Professional) discusses the yeast controversy and includes a summary of reports in the mid and late 1990's which provide medical support for the relationship of candida to a number of chronic health disorders. These include autism, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, headaches, interstitial cystitis, multiple sclerosis and psoriasis.

To obtain these booklets, send your donation of $25 to the International Health Foundation, Box 3494, Jackson, TN 38303. If you aren't pleased with the information you receive, your money will be refunded.

If any of your friends have children who they feel have yeast-related health problems, they can send for the 76-page children's booklet which contains the U.S. directory of health professional. Those interested in yeast-related children's problems can also obtain the 26-page booklet, A Special Message to the Health Professional. A $25 donation is requested for these booklets, with the same money back guarantee.

Here now are a few concluding comments:

The best way to overcome your yeast-related problems is by learning as much as you can about how and why you developed these problems and what you need to do to get well. You can also teach your own physician or other health professional. You'll find additional information about the International Health Foundation on this web page.

I wrote and published my first book on yeast-related problems in hardback in1983. Its title, The Yeast Connection. I revised, expanded and updated that book in 1986. It has sold over a million copies and has helped millions of people all over the world. I no longer recommend this book because only minor changes have been made in the past 13 years.

To provide readers interested in yeast problems with information, I've published a number of other books, including The Yeast Connection Cookbook (co-authored by Marjorie Jones, 1989), Help for the Hyperactive Child (1991/1997), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Yeast Connection (1992), The Yeast Connection and the Woman (1995/1998) and The Yeast Connection Handbook (1997/1999/2000).

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