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Stories - Joyce

In August 1992 this 35-year old woman called me and said, "I've had severe myasthenia gravis for over twenty years." Her symptoms included complete nasal voice with no control of her facial muscles.

She was also troubled by double vision, migraine headaches and stomach aches. During the years following her diagnosis she developed other problems, including recurrent yeast infections, constipation, depression and severe body weakness.

On the antiyeast medication, nystatin, and dietary changes, Joyce improved dramatically. And in March 1993, she wrote and said, "I've just been on a ski vacation and skied from 7:30 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening. Seven months earlier I couldn't sit up or do other normal household duties."

Although Joyce had a few ups and downs, her progress has been remarkable. In January 2000, she said, "I'm doing great! I still must take nystatin and follow my diet. I'm eager to share my story with others, as I feel it will give them hope and help."

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